Today's cars are very reliable, however, they can be very expensive. Proper maintenance is the key to a long life. Sometimes it's difficult to remember when certain repairs were made and when they'll need to be made again. Digging through a shoebox looking for receipts to find when the last time you serviced your transmission or changed your plugs can be a real pain in the neck. Not to mention digging through catalogs at the Autoparts Store to find your part numbers. With CarCare that's a thing of the past. CarCare is a complete Vehicle Maintenance and Cost analysis application. You can store Insurance, Fuel Consumption and Repair Information for multiple cars. CarCare can be used for any motorized vehicle. E. g. Motorcycles, ATV's etc. CarCare has five main cost and information sections: At-A-Glance: This section describes the vehicle and gives a brief run-down on when maintenance was performed, and the part numbers for common repairs. Invoices: This section lists all of your repairs for quick viewing. Clicking on a particular invoice will bring up a more detailed description - like the who, what, where, when and how much for a repair or accessory you've added to your vehicle. Fuel Cost: This section lets you enter your fuel consumption and price per gallon telling you what you paid in the previous month for fuel and the running total for the current month. Includes a M. P. G. calculator with step-by-step instructions. Insurance Information: This section lets you enter policy numbers, cost, agent, phone numbers and details. Grand Total: Provides a running total of the cost of your vehicle. Calculates vehicle cost, tax, license plate fees, fuel cost, repairs and insurance.
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