KScan 9 - Virtual Desktop Scanner

Scanner has 2 channels with real time radar maps and arrival/departure listings for two major airports. Police, EMS, railroad, ham radio, commercial boating, or NASA mission center can be tuned in at a click of a button. A must for new radio scanner or old listeners alike. Small compact size lets you run it while working on other software. If you love SSB or HAM radio but cannot afford one, this is for you. This is an online live streaming scanner.
LicenseFree to try
File Size8.92 MB
Operating System Windows XP 64-bit Windows 98 Windows NT 3 Windows Vista Home Premium Windows XP SP 2 Windows Server 2008 Windows NT Windows Vista Windows NT 4 SP 4 Windows 2003 Windows NT 4 SP 1 Windows Windows NT 4 SP 3 Windows 2000 Windows XP Home Edition Windows XP Professional Windows NT 4 Windows Me Windows 2000 Professional Windows Vista Enterprise