PLM Collector Guide

From the developer: We offer you for free (some categories are hidden) 2 Full color catalogs: The first one is for the CANADIAN COINS and the second is for the CANADIAN BANKNOTES. These two catalogs come on one CD and there is no need for you to connect to the internet to have access to all the values of Canadian coins or banknotes. This CD is easy to use and you will find , in addition of the regular coins or banknotes, over 400 UNLISTED(untill now) VARIETIES. We consider that this catalog is the MOST COMPLETE CANADIAN COINS CATALOG ever produce.Perfect for desk work or for the portable computer, this CD will save you the trouble of carrying two big catalogs. You will also save working space on your desk. These Catalogs will also inform you on the change of value of certain coins or banknotes. With these informations, you will be well inform if you have a question on witch coins must I buy or witch one must I sell before their value will go down. This CD is a GREAT INSTRUMENT to any Canadian Coins or Banknotes Collectors. Do not forget: Almost All pictures of these catalogs are in color. Just a reminder: A regular coins catalog and a regular Banknotes catalog will cost you about $25.00 U.S. This one is offer to you, here at $12.99 and it is more complete than the other ones. This CD is as usefull to the Personnal collector as it could profitable for an illuminated dealer!
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