AHFS DI Essentials

The mission of AHFS DI Essentials (American Hospital Formulary Service) is to provide an evidence-based foundation for safe and effective drug therapy. Widely trusted for it's established record in refuting unfounded efficacy claims, its rigorous science-based editorial process, and its independence from the influence of pharmaceutical manufacturers, this reference has remained true to its mission for almost 50 years. AHFS DI Essentials is designed to offer health professionals easy access to knowledge that is critical at point of care. The monographs draw on the meticulously evidence-based guidelines, distilling for the health professional the essential information on prescription and key over-the-counter drugs in an easy-to-use, highly structured outline format. AHFS DI Essentials is designed to be the first resource practitioners consult for fast answers at the point of care. In addition, you'll find: Important cautionary information on contraindications, warnings, sensitivity alerts, safe use in pregnant and breast-feeding women, adverse effects and drug interactions Overview of the drug's pharmacologic actions and effects Listing of dosages specific to each use, age group, route of administration and special population Advice to patients
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