Yoga Patta: rope & wall asanas

The full version of the application contains more than 100 photographs, a detailed description of 32 asanas on the wall, a section on ancient history of yoga with ropes, safety instructions and hints for the correct performance of exercises. It is also possible to create your own asana series for personal practice for daily use. The free version contains the main sections of the application, the five key asanas and their step-by-step explanation in 30 photos.Ropes from ancient times were an attribute by which yogis were identified. They were used as a tool for a wide variety of yoga practices. In Sanskrit, they were called "yoga-paa".Yoga Patta, practice on the ropes near the wall, continues the tradition and gives new opportunities to become aware of the body and all of its parts. Ropes & Wall Yoga helps advanced practitioners prepare for more challenging exercises offering ropes as a kind of prop. One can use a rope to do asana in a more precise and effective manner by loading only the chosen muscles. It enables people with traumas to do asanas they cannot do in any other way, headstand with injured neck for instance. In particular, this practice may involve biological and energy mechanisms of the body without damaging or overloading it.By the way, only at the wall, in this inverted position accompanied by active full yogic breath (explained fully in the app) one can completely relax, relieve pressure on the spinal cord and increase the intervertebral disk space. The application will also open up new opportunities for pregnant, elderly, professional athletes to relieve unnecessary stress from overloaded body parts. Yoga Patta will be an excellent tool for those couples wishing to learn and experiment together.Yoga Patta practice has proved to be a very promising method of strengthening the vestibular system. Dynamic exercises on the ropes help one to be transferred into a new perception of reality where arms and legs dont contact the ground so that one gets a new type of the bodily spatial sensation, becomes conscious of its size, dimensions and proportions.The App features the description and mechanism of performing 32 basic asanas. This is the groundwork, basic knowledge to be mastered for further step-by-step development of ones own Yoga on Wall practice with any hatha-yoga style. All this makes the Yoga Patta: rope & wall yoga an excellent tool that will be useful not only in a yoga studio, but also at the practitioner's home.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.4 and up