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Yogasanas, the yoga exercises are an essential part of This applications. According to the Jain yoga practices, in the beginning, one should perform the yogic exercises on the floor in a lying posture that requires less energy.Following are the classifications of ALL Yoga Postures ("Yoga Asana") Stuffs:- Surya Namaskar- Akarna Dhanur Asana- Anjaneya Asana- Ardha ChandraAsana- Ardha Matsyendra Asana- Baddha Kona Asana- Bala Asana- Chakra Asana- Dhanur Asana- Ekapada Asana- Garuda Asana- Gomukha Asana- Hala sana- Hasta Pada angusta- Matsya Asana- Naga Asana- Nataraja Asana- Padma Asana- Parivritta parshvakona- Pavana mukta Asana- Sarvanga Asana- Shalabha Asana- Shava Asana- Siddha Asana- Simha Asana- Sirsha Asana- Tada Asana- Trikona Asana- Ugra Asana- Ushtra Asana- Vajra Asana- Vira Asana- Vriksha Asana- Vrischika AsanaList of Yoga Gestures ("Yog Mudra") inclued in this app are:Gyan Mudra,Prana Mudra,Vayu Mudra,Prithvi Mudra,Chin Mudra,Apan Mudra,Surya Mudra,Shunya Mudra,Linga Mudra,Ganesha Mudra,Mandala Mudra,Shankh Mudra,Rudra Mudra,Apan Vayu Mudra,Surahi Mudra,Surabhi Mudra,Hakini Mudra,Bronchial and Asthama Mudra,Back Mudra,Kundalini Mudra,Khechari Mudra,Yoni Mudra,Jnana Mudra,Varun Mudra,Adi Mudra,Shuni Mudra,Buddha Mudra,Anjali Mudra,Lotus Mudra,Kubera Mudra,Maha Sacral Mudra,Shiv Linga Mudra,Purna Mudra,Suchi Mudra,Abhaya Mudra,Garuda Mudra,Guru Prasad Mudra,Kali Mudra,Venus Lock Mudra,Jupiter Lock Mudra,Bear Grip Mudra,Vaayan Mudra,Samaan Mudra,Hansi Mudra,Mrigi Mudra,Hirdayi Mudra,Bandhak Mudra,Aditi Mudra,Chinmaya MudraFollowing are the diseases and illness in which yoga can be applied:Abs,Acidity,Arms,Asthma,Back Pain Relief,Beauty Face,Belly Fat,Cervical Neck Pain,Cervical Spondylosis,Chest,Concentration And Memory Power,Depression And Anxiety,Diabetes,Digestion,Diseases,Eye Vision,Eyes Problem,Fit Body Shape (Fitness),Flat And Slim Tummy,Gain Weight,Glowing And Healthy Skin (Face),Hair Growth,Health,Height Increase,High BP,Infertility,Irregular Periods,Knee Pain Relief,Leg Joint Pain,Liver And Kidney,Lower Back Pain,Memory (Brain),Memory Power,Mental Peace,Mind Concentration,Neck And Shoulder Pain,Obesity,Pcos,Perfect Shape Of Body,Piles,Pregnant Women,Reduce High Blood Pressure,Reducing Hips And Thighs,Regular Menstrual Cycle,Relaxation,Runners,Sharp Mind,Stomach Fat Loss,Stress Relief,Stress Relief And Forgiveness,Study Concentration,Thyroid and Weight Loss.Some of hindi disease name for which this yoga app can be useful are:Pet kam Karne ke Upay,Ghar bethe Body Banaye,Gora Hone Ke Upay,Ganjapan Dur Karne Ke Upay,Motapa Dur Karne Ke Tarike,Ghar Bethe Body Banaye,Vajan Badhane Ke TarikeYou can use this Complete Yoga Guide app for Bodybuilding,Gym Guide Training,Six Pack Abs Exercise and many more purposes.Instead if watching video of yoga try to learn yoga by reading so that you can get more knowledge about yoga.More Tags :yoga for stress relief and forgivenessyoga for weight loss beginnersyoga for beginnersyoga for good healthyoga for healthyoga for hair growthyoga for hip painyoga for healthy kneesyoga for hikersyoga for healthy agingyoga for healthy livingyoga for healthy lifeyoga for insomniayoga for joint healthyoga for kidsyoga for lifeyoga for menyoga for pregnancyyogom 2 -daily-yoga for relaxation and serenityyoga for sexyoga for scuba diversyoga for seniors & adultsyoga for sleepyoga for surfingyoga for singingyoga for transformationyoga for warriorsyoga for weight-lossyoga for wellnessyoga for women: simple, safe, and effective yoga asanas and techniques for women
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