BMR Calculator & Tracker

Find and track your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) with this easy to use BMR calculator & tracker.BMR represents the minimal amount of energy (calories) your body needs to stay alive and can be useful when trying to lose weight. These results can be found using the Harris-Benedict equation.HOW BASAL METABOLIC RATE IS USED -----------------------------Using this figure as a base line, add in all your additional burned calories (based on how active you were) to come up with your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure). If your TDEE matches your Daily Calorie Intake, you will maintain your weight. Increasing your TDEE over your daily calorie intake and you will lose weight.HOW THIS BMR CALCULATOR WORKS -----------------------------Enter your information in either Metric or Imperial measurements.Results are automatically calculated as you enter your information.FEATURES ---------------------------------BMR CALCULATOR LOGGING & TRACKINGAll results can be logged into the tracking journal for later review. General notes, date, time and icons can be applied to every entry. All results can be EDITED. DATA IMPORT/EXPORT (new)Export your history as a CSV file for review or transfer it to a different device.Saved to your SD Card (or internal) within the Documents folderSaved as a comma delimited CSV file.Entry history onlySpecial note for devices still running on SDK Versions 18 (Jelly Bean) and below. CSVs will be exported to the downloads folder and you will need a file browser app installed to import.Basal Metabolic Rate InformationThis includes general information on how to manually calculate your BMR by using either metric or imperial measurements, along with general tips.LIGHT & DARK APP THEME SELECTIONFor your viewing pleasure we included the option of selecting between two different app themes.IMPERIAL OR METRIC MEASUREMENT SYSTEMNumbers can be input in either Pounds or Kilograms. Results will always be in calories.EDIT PAST ENTRIESUseful If you need to change the date or time, calculated result, picture or journal of a past result entry. Go to your log listing page and select EDIT.HISTORY TRACKING LOGThis is where the magic of our BMR calculator really shines! View all your past entries in either a list, calendar or chart. You can edit past entries from the list. Our advanced charting control allows you to pinch zoom.GOING PROTo be upfront: there is one IAP, which is used to enable the PRO version of this app. Upgrading to the PRO version enables editing of past entries, removes ALL ads and grants free access to future upgrades.Our BMR calculator & tracker is the simplest way to help keep a running record of your Basal Metabolic Rate changes and provides another valuable dieting tool in your arsenal.While we like to keep our apps simple and easy to use, new features are always a plus! If you have an idea or feature request, let us know!
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Version 1.5.3
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.2 and up