Tappa/Dytt ProYou can easily reach your goalsJoin an activity campaign with Tappa/Dytt and get full access to all functions on the Tappa/Dytt app. With the app, it's easy to get an overview of your steps and activity progress, to motivate you toward your personal activity goals. The app integrates with the Apple Health app and automatically transfers your steps to your current activity campaign.Anyone can participateWith Tappa/Dytt it is fun to increase your activity level. Therefore, we offer activity concepts that suit everyone and engage more than those who are already active. Our concepts are suitable for businesses and individuals. Anyone can participate - regardless of physical starting point, age or gender.All activities countThe goal of our campaigns is to walk 10,000 steps daily or other activities, that will be converted into steps in our activity table. We believe that all activities are good, whether it is housework or interval training. Therefore, you can do the activities you like best, whether you walk to Paris, New York, climb Mount Everest or join Nansen across Greenland. It is a concrete goal that is easy to reach and will for most of us give a positive health benefit.With Tappa/Dytt it's fun to get in shape!We set motivational goals and give you good experiences along the way. Bring your colleagues, friends or family for an extra fun campaign.Features in the Tappa/Dytt Pro app: Integration with Apple Health app (free) 7 days of activity recordings/log (free) Auto-synchronize activity data with personal profile (members) Personal profile & goals: Set your own personal goals and start moving towards a healthier life (members) Participate and get a good overlook of all your active challenges (members) Detailed statistics - follow your progress (members) Follow your progress in a virtual map (members) Health & lifestyle tips and articles (members)The app is compatible with services from tappa.se, dytt.no, stappa.nl, friskop.dk, tappa.de & tappa.chDOWNLOAD AND START MOVING!
License Free
Version 1.4.7
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.