Melt Water: Tracker & Reminder

Why does everyone need a water tracker app?Proper hydration is free, easy and suitable for all! Unlike diet and workout.Water helps you stay fit and control your calories.Bodies are about 60% water, so its no wonder that water is essential to just about every function of your body (skin, muscles, body fluids, kidneys, bowel, etc).Water energises you. Higher energy levels increase your chances of success in life.#1 health app for people of all ages and abilities (simple interface & accessibility support).Melt Water is a game-changing hydration platform, aiming not only to offer a tracking tool but to provide motivation, education and a personalized digital hydration assistant.Latest research suggests that structured water (newly melted water) offers even more health benefits than normal water.Fresh melt water can help you resist infections & speed up recovery in case you are already sick.According to Japanese researchers, people who regularly drink structured water are not only healthier, but are also more productive & strong. Melt water helps you feel more energized: even sleep duration reduces to as little as 4 hours a day!Also, melt water increases your brain activity, which enables you to solve complex problems faster.Melt Water App will help you prepare melt water at home for free. This can save you more than $1000+ each year on bottled water while feeling healthier & more energetic than ever before.The app will also provide other useful advice that can immensely improve your daily hydration routine. The mission is to simplify hydration adoption by providing users with scientifically accurate tips and personalized data-driven assistance.*** Melt Water Features ***We happily support users with any disability (accessibility support)Custom interface for left-handedThe app works even when you are offline or have poor internet connectionWe calculate the optimal daily water goal for you (depending on your climate, altitude, pregnancy status, etc)Apple Health support. You can import and export data from/to Apple Health.Structured water provides tremendous health benefits. The app will guide you through the process of freezing and melt your water.Cloud synchronization. You will never lose your data, even if you lose your phone. All data is safely stored in a cloud.Synchronization between your devicesDark mode support23 drink typesPredefined volumes and ability to add custom volumesDynamic type supportYour full history of intakes. You can filter by type of drink and volume.Measurement units (US, UK, Metric)Advanced notifications settings. Choose specific weekdays and sounds to be notified.You can customize the home screen of the appIntuitive interface - yes, even your Granny will understand how to use itYou can sign-in using your Apple IDSimple design. Cool animations. Easy to use.Control Hydration. Measure Intakes. Improve your health.Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you cant measure something, you cant understand it. If you cant understand it, you cant control it. If you cant control it, you cant improve it.H. James Harrington ()Freeze. Melt. Drink. Restore.DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION RIGHT NOW
License Free
Version 2.5
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 13.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.