Home Remedies for Treating Poison Ivy

Natural Remedies for Treating Poison Ivy | Try a natural poison ivy treatment for relief from itching and to reduce the chance that the rash might spread to other parts of your body.What is a poison ivy rash? What are the symptoms? Get the scoop on what the plant looks like, how long it lasts, treatment and home remedies?Did you know that up to roughly 85 percent of all people are sensitive to oils found in the poison ivy plant? If you know you've been exposed to poison ivy, you can use these simple home remedies to reduce the pain, itch and swelling without side effects.That 15 minute window isnt very forgiving, so if you do come into contact with poison ivy and develop a reaction, fear not! There are many tried and true homemade poison ivy treatments available that you can make at home. These remedies will neutralize the irritant caused by urushiol, draw out the toxin, help block your inflammatory response, and even minimize the communication between your nerves and your brain that say This stuff is itchy and irritating!!One of the best things to do first after youve developed a rash is to stay cool and calm. Blood rising to the skins surface will only make you feel itchier so avoid spicy meals, hot showers/baths, and direct sunlight. Feel free to sip some chilled chamomile tea if youre feeling frazzled by the itching.Download Now!
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