Liver cancer, also known as hepatic cancer and primary hepatic cancer, is cancer that starts in the liver.Cancer which has spread from elsewhere to the liver, known as liver metastasis, is more common than that which starts in the liver.Symptoms of liver cancer may include a lump or pain in the right side below the rib cage, swelling of the abdomen, yellowish skin, easy bruising, weight loss and weakness.The leading cause of liver cancer is cirrhosis due to hepatitis B, hepatitis C or alcohol.Other causes include aflatoxin, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and liver flukes.The most common types are hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), which makes up 80% of cases, and cholangiocarcinoma.Less common types include mucinous cystic neoplasm and intraductal papillary biliary neoplasm.The diagnosis may be supported by blood tests and medical imaging, with confirmation by tissue biopsy.Feature of this books :-- Works in offline-- Simple layout that minimal to use-- User-friendly to use-- Easy to eye for reading-- Small size apps-- Remembered last chapter reading when quit-- Free to use
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