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The Christian Counseling app provides every devout Christian with the means to receive professional counseling from a qualified and devoted religious psychologist or therapist. Now you too can enjoy 'the best of both worlds' knowing you can seek the advice of your church counselor in both matters of Christian faith and issues concerning your personal day to day life.Install the app and Place your faith in the healing power of Christian therapy!+++ Delivering on the promise of Christ +++We believe it is the God given right of Christians from every denomination to be afforded access to inexpensive high-grade emotional healthcare. Wherever you may be located, whatever your financial status may be - you deserve to feel the best you can with the help of a Catholic therapist available to you at all times:Get matched with your Christian counselor according to answers you'll provide in a brief and totally confidential questionnairePlan for weekly or monthly online sessions beginning at only $50 a weekChoose between various payment options and special payment programs+++ Deeply Devoted Christian Accredited Psychologists +++As devoted Christians, our professional psychologists, counselors and social workers deeply believe in lending a helping hand to their fellow Christian brothers and sisters in their time of need.In fact, every Christian therapist registered with The Christian Counseling app has devoted their life to becoming the best in their field, in order to be able to ensure the mental and emotional well-being of their patients:Get treated only by experienced and licensed PhD's, highly trained social-workers or practicing counselorsWhile all our counselors are required to have at least 2 years of active experience and thousands of hours of practice, they are also obligated to possess a proven record of extensive church counseling background.Draw from both the wisdom of the scriptures and the growing knowledge of modern psychology only available with our therapists unique qualifications.+++ What Going to Protestant, Evangelist, Baptist or Catholic counseling feels like +++The power of belief in scripture along with the qualified expertise of psychology provide every religious advisor on the Christian Counseling app with all the best tools available to offer an all-inclusive catholic counseling technique.In catholic therapy you are free to discuss matters of the heart, your daily problems, family troubles and more, knowing that the spirit of the Lord is driving the conversation to the best outcome. When you visit your online catholic counselor, you enjoy the same confidentiality as you do when going to confession:Receive password protected, personal clinic-access to a 'virtual office'All sessions are conducted in a code protected secure environmentConduct the sessions with your counselor via the media most comfortable to you, from texting and messaging to VOIP or VIDEO Download and install the Christian Counseling app - Place your faith in the healing power of Christian therapy! Get well with the care of your protestant, Baptist or catholic counselor!
License Free
Version 1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.0 and up