Lee Dart Hydro

This app contains over a decade of my hydrotherapy experience. The app includes exercises for clients with the most profound levels of disability, right through to final stage rehabilitation for adults or child. I have personally animated every exercise so I can bring you this experience in the most clear and most detailed format I have ever created. Each exercise is accompanied by my extensive notes, which contain instructions of how to perform these exercises and examples of how to modify them to fit your clients' needs.Below is the list exercises in this app:Active PendulumAdvanced ScissorsAdvanced Shape Progression Lower LimbAdvanced Shape Progression SpineButterfly Kick Lower LimbsButterfly Kick SpineCalf Stretch On FloatCatch With A TwistCounter SpinFlutter KickFoundational Shape ProgressionFull Roll SpineFull Roll Upper LimbGrabbing ObjectsHamstring Stretch On FloatHamstring Stretch With TwoHamstring Stretch With WoggleHip Circles RelaxedHip Circles TargetedIron CrossJumping JacksLat Dorsi SeaweedingLat Dorsi SpinLeg SwingsLoaded Shapes Lower limbLoaded Shapes SpineLoaded Shapes Upper LimbLower Limb CatchOver Arm DolphinsOver Arm Lumbar TwistOver Roll Hip ExtensionOver Roll Lumbar TwistOver Roll Scoliosis Correction SpineOver Roll Scoliosis Correction. Upper limbOver Roll Spinal ExtensionOver Roll Spinal FlexionPassive Marching StretchPendulumProne Kickboard ChallengeProne SeaweedingPunchingPush and PullResisted SpinResisting RotationReverse SittingRocketsScissor LegsScullingSeahorse GamesSeahorse Max And Mod SupportSeaweedingSeaweeding Head To ToeCradle Hold SeaweedingSeaweeding Upper limbSide Hold SpineSide Hold Upper LimbSingle Leg SquatsSitting Kickboard ChallengeSitting On A StoolSquatsStanding Leg AbductionStanding Leg AdductionStanding Spinal ExtensionStanding SwishStanding Through Range QuadsStraight Arm MarchSupine CatchSupine Scoliosis Correction With 2Supine Spinal Flexion With 2Supportive FloatingThunder ClapTricep DipsTwisting Hip ExtensionUp and DownUpside Down WaiterWalkingWall TwistWoggle SwingWoggle StompWoggle Twisting SpinX StretchThe App has an easy to use layoutI have kept the app super easy to use. Simply choose:1) The region of the body you wish to find an exercise for.2) Then the movement you want your client to develop.3) You can now view all the exercises in that collection in a logical order of progression. From basic joint mobilisation through to challenging strength and coordination exercises. There is something for every client you treat.Detailed animations:Every exercise has an image which can be simply tapped to play a highly detailed animation of how the exercise is performed, complete with water level to indicate depth and speed.Quick view Descriptor:Every exercise has a quick view descriptor which have three categories.Target Type. This describes whether the exercise is best suited towards targeting flexibility, strength or coordination.Target Intensity. This is the expected difficulty or challenge that an appropriate client may experience from the exercise. This can help you select the ideal exercises for your clients' current ability.Handling level. This final category gives an indication of the level of handling experience the therapist requires to assist the client.Exercise notes:Every exercise has extensive written notes accompanying every exercise. This explains in detail:The purpose for the exercise.Handling guidance and tips.Safety and pointersRegressive and progressive variations so each exercise can be tailored to a widest range of clients.Supportive Information:The app contains expert information on hydrotherapy use in general. Further supporting guidance on how to use the app and advice regarding equipment that can make a hydrotherapy session outstanding.As you can see this app a complete hydrotherapy resource package.
Price USD 10.99
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Version 1.6
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 11.4 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.