Zones for Training

Get the most out of your Apple Watch! Zones monitors your exercise intensity and visualize it in meaningful ways. Know your activities and be smart about how you work out.Zones supports over 70 types of workouts like Running, Walking, Cycling, Treadmill, Exercise Bike, and Strength Training. Great for outdoor/indoor/gym workouts.Measure it on your Apple Watch, review it on your iPhone. Efficient workouts with Zones!FeaturesMonitor real-time exercise intensity and heart rate during workouts. (Apple Watch only)Show your time spent in the four Heart Rate Zones.Display all workouts data from the Health app, so that you can use Zones as a total workouts dashboard.Training With Heart Rate ZonesEverybody has a different purpose for their training. Someone run for diet, someone ride for improving their cardio endurance. Exercising at the correct intensity can help you get the most out of your workouts.This app shows you your exercise intensity using your real-time heart rate, and it has four heart rate zones to understand your exercise intensity at a glance.PEAK - for improving performance and speed.CARDIO - for improving cardio endurance.FAT BURN - For longer exercise. Predominantly uses fat for energy.WARM UP - For preparation and recovery.With these four zones, you can start heart rate training very easily and quickly.You don't have to remember your target heart rate or intensity %.Measuring with Apple WatchHeart Rate and Exercise Intensity in real-timeYou can easily see which Heart Rate Zone you are in while exercise.Your Apple Watch taps you on the wrist when heart rate zone changes.Automatic pause/resume function (Running only)Review your improvements with Recovery Heart RateRecovery Heart Rate is the difference between your exercising heart rate and your heart rate one minutes after the exercise has stopped.It is a good indicator to gauge your fitness level!This app measures it automatically right after your workouts. (Over CARDIO intensities only)Leave your iPhone at homeYou can leave your iPhone at home when you go for training!Measurement function is only available on the Apple Watch.Detailed Information of Your WorkoutsDetails of WorkoutDurationActive CaloriesDistance, Pace, SplitsTime in heart rate zonesHeart Rate and Exercise Intensity (Average, min/max heart rate)Graphs of heart rate and paceInsights (Graphs & Lists)Recent WorkoutsRecovery Heart RateWeekly Calories BurnedTop 10 DistanceRunning PaceMany Ways to Use ZonesSupports over 70 types of workoutsRunning, Walking, Cycling, Core Training, Flexibility, Strength Training... and so on!Works great with other apps through the Health appZones reads all Workouts data from the Health app (HealthKit), so you can use Zones as a total workouts dashboard.In this way, you can continue using the apps you already love. Of course, you can see your workouts data from Apple's Workouts app in Zones.Siri Shortcuts for the Siri watch facewatchOS will learn when you start a workout. And then, the Siri watch face will come to show it at the right time. (Requires watchOS 5)Upgrade to PROStats (Weekly, Monthly, Yearly)Create & customize InsightsChange Heart Rate ZonesCreate Custom Workouts
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.3.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.