Seizario: Seizure and Fall Detection

Seizario was designed for the Epilepsy community. It monitors the phone movement (using sensors in the phone) and attempts to detect convulsions associated with tonic clonic seizures, and different types of falls. No wearable device or hardware is needed (except for the phone). When an emergency situation is suspected, an alarm is triggered on the phone, and if not disarmed within a preset time an alert message is sent to pre-specified emergency contacts so help can provided in a timely manner. All data is privately processed locally on the phone itself and no information is shared with any server or third party.An emergency button is provided to trigger the alert messages manually as needed. With two simple taps you can send an alert to your loved ones. A safety 'switch' is designed to prevent triggering alerts by mistake.Simple and intuitive interface helps you setup your emergency contacts, seizure intensity and other app preferences. You need to do this setup once when you initially install the app.The app does not share any information with any party. No data collection. No ads.This app has won numerous awards from professional associations of Epilepsy experts, computer science experts, among others. It won the innovation shark tank competition of the Epilepsy Foundation of America. For more details please visit the website.Permissions and Data Privacy:- The app accesses the location information during emergencies to include in the alert message sent to your emergency contacts. No location information is shared with any other party.- The app sends alert messages using SMS/texting to your emergency contacts (if you set up those contacts). This happens when an emergency is suspected (and alarm is not disarmed), or when you use the emergency button manually. No SMS/texts are sent otherwise.- No private information or data is collected using this app that can identify the user in any way. You can send 'Feedback' to the developers if you so choose by pressing the 'Feedback' button and then selecting the method of email sharing you want (e.g., gmail). Any information you select to share in your feedback email will be used by the developers to help you in your app setup and usage, and to improve future versions of the app. No private information will be shared with any other party.- The app accesses the storage of your device to log/store information on the phone for you to view later on if you so choose (as journal log). This information is not shared by the app with any other party.- The app needs permission to wake up the phone when the screen is off in case of emergency detection. This allows for continuous detection and alarm ability for the app so long as the phone is on the person and is functioning.- The app needs permission to get email account information (username). This is used to locally authorize the testers using this app and give them permission to use the app. No account information is shared by the app with any party.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.55
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up