Walking and Counting Calories Step - The Pedometer

First, hi. The history of our Pedometer application program, you can continue to count your steps if you are herner.The walk steps with clean code structure counts correctly and correctly in the pedometer app. The walk counter works well for youYou can charge very little in the background, even in your bag or pocket without disrupting your workwalking and calorie counter does not actively consume charging.Our Pedometer app is easy to get to where it is easy to walk a few km and this km's step response can be burned on different screensSet follow-up of daily, weekly, monthly, and follow-up of calorie counts feature.Couch to 5k - 10k step by step walkingStep counts feature when you walkIf the phone is switched on, the timer does not stop.You have to walk or manageit counts the walking steps in different modes and also counts in km and how many miles you walkYou can see.WALKING STEP NUMBER FEATURES:Registration Form1) Daily walking and colori registration2) Monthly walking and calorie registration3) Daily walking and calorie registration1) how many miles you walk and how many steps you follow on the screens daily, weekly and monthly2) Walking Step counts how many calories you have burned in a special place, on a daily, weekly and monthly chart3) Starting the step counts feature from the moment the phone is switched on4) Download the program; completely free unlimited5) You can count the steps from the jump and continue the calculation of the number of milesRUNNING COUNTER COUNTER FEATUREUse without internet:My application is the branch without the internet. Internet connection was closed, phone set up, internet connection was closed.The pedometer feature of the program measures the steps of the current motion detection sensors contained in the phone and reflects it to the screens of the program.Apply and do the settings of the phone so that you can work in detail on the special design of Adam Olcer.Setup the application step by step cm setup; You have to be healthier than you are running and have more size.In the settings tab of our application, you change the step size and change the step size.Walking counter pedometer application.
License Free
Version 1.06
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up