NEW & IMPROVED BUTTERFLY CHALLENGE 3.0 Are you willing to invest 10-minutes per day for 14-days to take one step toward your goal of becoming the best goalie you can be? Then this is the best place to start! Each session is less than 15-minutes and covers all four pillars:PROGRAM OUTLINE: THE 4 PILLARS OF FLEXIBILITY FOR GOALIES There are four pillars of flexibility for hockey goalies and just like the pillars that hold up a Greek temple, they are all important you cannot take one away and maintain the integrity of the structure. So please do not skip the ones that you do not like, if you want the benefits, you build all four pillars.1. Consistency2. Myofascial Release3. Asymmetrical Stretching 4. Respect YOUR Anatomy4. Respect YOUR AnatomyNEXT STEPS - Keep doing the Butterfly Challenge 3.0 - you will continue to marginal improvements over time. - Check out to find more goalie specific off-ice drills and exercises that will help your speed and stamina on the ice. - Future, advanced, programs and apps are in-the-works. Stay tuned!ABOUT THE COACH Maria Mountain, MSc is a full-time strength coach, speaker, and goalie training consultant. She is the founder of, the leading authority for effective, scientifically supported off-ice training that actually helps goalies perform better on the ice. She has helped goalies at every level from AA, Jr, ECHL, European Pro, Adult League, AHL, and the NHL play to their potential, win more games and experience fewer injuries.RESEARCH STUDY This program was designed based on my 6-years of University studying Kinesiology, over 20-years as a Strength Coach, tens of thousands of dollars on continuing education and more than 17-years working with goalies.BEFORE YOU START - This program is NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 14. - This program is NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL ADVICE. - This program is NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR A SUPERVISED FITNESS PROGRAM. - This program should NOT BE PAINFUL OR UNCOMFORTABLE. None of the stretches in this program should give you pain. If they do, stop right away and get assessed by a sport physical therapist or your preferred health care provider. Make sure you WATCH ALL THE VIDEO tutorials BEFORE you start the program. And remember that improving your mobility takes time, do not force the movements in this program, that will not help.IT IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA TO CONSULT WITH YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER PRIOR TO STARTING A NEW FITNESS PROGRAM.Neither Maria Mountain, Revolution Conditioning,, nor implicitli, LLC shall assume liability for any injury or disability. This application is intended for those who are familiar with proper exercise technique.For more information, visit
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