Noodles and Pasta Recipes

Noodles and Pasta RecipesNoodle is a dish of Asia and Pasta is well-served in Europe. Both are staple foods. As a matter of fact, pasta is a type of noodle only that is made from unleavened dough, typically made from flour, egg and water. The dough is then rolled flat and given desired shapes.This application tells you about various ways of making delicious noodles and pasta by adding super exotic ingredients. This application also suggests various forms in which noodles can be consumed. Noodles can be added to soup to add extra flavour to it. It can also be stir-fried with other veggies and mixed with spices. Another form in which noodles can be consumed is in boiled form. Noodles can be boiled, drained and eaten immediately. Similarly, pasta also has variants in shapes, taste and appearance. It can be round, spiral, etc. It is a simple dish, but because of its versatility, it is consumed in large varieties. Pasta can be treated as a salad or even a full course meal. It depends on how it is made. This application gives you tips on how to make pasta in a variety for different meals. Pasta is a delight to have with varied types of sauces. The also sauces vary in taste, texture and colour. The ratio of sauce to pasta also varies according to the individuals taste. But, this app provides a general idea.This app provides you details on the health benefits pasta and noodles have on your body. As both are rich sources of carbohydrates, they should be consumed and chewed properly. They release energy over a period.While noodles come in a variety as they can be made from wheat, rice, potato, buckwheat, etc., pasta is of two types: fresh and dried. Through this application, you can get to know the different ways in which the pasta and noodles can be made.Pasta can be of varied shapes. Some of them include anally, bucatini, cappelletti, cavatelli, etc. As the origins of both the dishes are from different continents, the texture also varies for both. While noodles use softer wheat while the wheat pasta is a little hard. Noodles contain salt, which is added to develop the softer protein while pasta is salt-free. Many more differences can be obtained from this wonderful application.Hence, enjoy and relish healthy, nutritious as well as tasty noodles and pasta with some delicious recipes.
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