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Easy Diet Diary, the most popular Australian-made calorie counter and diet tracker is now available for Android users. Lose weight or just get healthier with Easy Diet Diary.Enter your foods quickly and easily by searching our extensive foods database or by scanning the barcode.Then track your energy intake (kJ or Cal), major nutrients, the energy you burn in exercise, and your weight.Connect with your dietitian or nutrition coach by sharing your diary via Easy Diet Diary CONNECT, our web portal for nutrition professionals ( Diet Diary is free, has no advertising, and is from the same team that develops the trusted FoodWorks nutrition software widely used by Australian dietitians and other health professionals.COMMENTS FROM USERS'For an Aussie, this is hands-down best app on the market for calorie counting.'Brilliant app to keep you accountable and on track!The food selection is second to none.I have tried many calorie appsthis one is the easiest to use.Love the scanner and the large database of foods.Ive managed to drop 20 kg just by using this app - it really makes you realise where hidden calories are.FOODS- Extensive range of Australian foods with nutrient data based on official Australian food data.- Comprehensive range of commercial products with data obtained from nutrient information panels.ENTERING FOODS INTO YOUR DIARY- Find a food by typing part of its name.- Scan the barcode.- Select from recent meals.- Add from your own custom foods and recipes.- Copy foods between meals and days.PHOTOS- Take photos of your foods and add them to your diary.- Copy, move and delete photos.- Zoom in on a photo.EDITING- Copy foods and recipes to other meals or days. - Move foods and recipes within and between meals.- Delete foods and recipes. - Multi-select for copying and deleting. ADDING YOUR OWN FOODS AND RECIPES- Create and edit your own foods.- Create and edit your own recipes.In your diary:- Quickly convert foods listed into a recipe.ENERGY AND NUTRIENTS- Set your daily energy goal (kJ or Cal).- Guidance in choosing your energy goal.- Track Calories/kilojoules on the Energy Chart.While in your diary:- See your remaining energy (kJ or Cal).- Toggle between kJ and Cal.- See the % of your goal consumed so far.- View analyses for each of these nutrients: protein, total fat, saturated fat, total carbohydrate, sugar, sodium, fibre, calcium. - View nutrients per food, meal and day. EXERCISE- See the energy you burn during exercise.- Choose from over 400 activities.- Create and select from your own custom activities.NOTES- Record notes in your food diary for each day. For example, you might note your symptoms, moods or special occasions.- Enter text (via typing or voice recognition) and emoticons.WEIGHT- Guidance in choosing your weight goal.- Track your progress on the Weight Chart.- Edit weights in the Weight Table.SHARE YOUR DIARY WITH YOUR NUTRITION PROFESSIONAL- Your dietitian or other nutrition professional can sign up to Easy Diet Diary CONNECT ( and coach you towards your nutrition goals whether food group or nutrient based. Easy Diet Diary CONNECT can be used on any web browser including Safari on a Mac.-Alternatively, share your diary with your nutrition professional to open in their FoodWorks Professional software. (FoodWorks is also developed by Xyris Software. For more on FoodWorks, see help from within Easy Diet Diary. Search the knowledge base or contact the support team.
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 5.0 and up