CannaLife is focused on all things MedicalCannabis, where you can join and contribute to Communities. Itprovides new and existing medical cannabis users withcommunity-based support related specifically to the ailmentsaffecting them, so they can make the best medical cannabischoices.Features:- Easy profile set up using CannaCube for target searches.CannaCube is a unique feature that allows you to find themedical cannabis products that best meets your ailments orsymptoms. Then in app you can research, post and getfeedback in the relevant community/ies to you.You can find new content and Communities on the DiscoverPage and if you dont see the one youre passionate about, youcan create and moderate your own Community either as:-Public (everyone can join and contribute)-Private (by invite only)-Curated (all can join but only moderators can post content).Contribute by posting web content using our Webgrab toolfrom our customized Search Engine focused on sites andcontent across the web about Cannabis and Medical Cannabis.You can contribute by posting photos, audio, as well ascommenting, up-voting comments and vining posts using aninnovative 5 emoji rating system:- Create and share customized content- Tag content based on how you feel by choosing from 166different emojis- Text: customize font type, size, colour; text alignment;background colour; custom background.- CannaLife WebGrad: Share content from the web in just 2clicks: find content on the internet, take a screen crop withyour fingers, apply filters and resizing (if you want) and publishit! The published screen crop will include an embedded link tothe content source. By tapping the image, your readers will beredirected to the original URL (all within the app).- Rate content based on how it makes you feel with CannaLifes5-emoji rating system: Love, Like, Laugh, Sympathize/Sad orDont like.- Track your vibes, see who left them, and from where in theworld: tap the Vibe Counter to access the Vibe Page and seewho vibe which emoji. Tap map to view the Vibe Map whichdisplays all vibes by location on a world map!- Interact with users via threaded comments: leave acomment, reply to other users comments by starting athreaded conversation, or simply like a comment by giving it athumbs-up!- Discover Page: Find content and Communities based onEmoji-Tags, tap on any Tag to see all posts published with thatemoji.- Connect with CannaLife users from all over the world: search,follow, subscribe and keep up with their content.- Share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsRequires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.