With InPen - Live life, less complicatedThe InPen system combines a Bluetooth-enabled insulin pen and an easy-to-use app to provide constant tracking, monitoring, and calculating of insulin for successful diabetes management. InPen empowers users to manage their diabetes simply and accurately.InPen features and benefits:Smart Dose- Automatically tracks and sends insulin doses to a mobile device.- Recommends doses based on current blood glucose, carb intake, and insulin-on-board (IOB) using personalized settings prescribed.- Helps to reduce the risk of stacking insulin doses by including IOB in dose calculations.- Automatically displays blood glucose readings from CGM devices or Bluetooth-enabled glucose meters.- Displays reminders to take and log both basal and bolus insulin doses.- Displays daily average glucose, carb intake, and total insulin dose.- Generates integrated diabetes management reports that can be easily shared with the healthcare team.- Warning notifications if the age or temperature of the insulin could be a problem.Smart Settings- Customize insulin settings in the app based on physician-prescribed parameters including insulin-to-carb ratios, correction factors, and IOB to help users be more precise in their insulin doses.- Settings allow users to adjust ratios based on time of day allowing for a more precise regimen throughout the day.Smart Reminders- Missed dose reminders for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime.- Blood sugar check reminder.- Basal insulin reminder.- Insulin temperature and expiration alerts.A connected blood glucose meter or continuous glucose monitor (CGM) that supports Apple Health can log your blood glucose into the InPen app to simplify reporting.InPen is a prescription device. To obtain InPen, simply download the app and complete the Get InPen information in the settings section of the app. Now live life, less complicated.To learn more, visit www.companionmedical.com.
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsRequires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.