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Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen is a leading expert on nutrition and obesity in France. He has helped people around the world achieve their weight loss goals through his clinic and his best-selling books, which have been translated in at least 10 languages. Now, you can enjoy Dr. Cohen's expertise for free by taking this diet profile.In just two minutes, you'll receive a free personalized report that will help you ensure better success with weight loss.What the personalized report contains:- Analysis of your eating habits- The real reasons for your weight gain- Calculation of your BMI and ideal weight- A realistic time estimate for you to reach your ideal weight- Helpful expert weight loss advice from Dr. Cohen on videoDr. Cohen's Success Stories:"I followed the 900-calorie menus by Dr. Cohen, and I lost weight quickly. Every week, I took note of my weight in a journal and I lost an average of 2 lbs per week. Despite a few plateaus, I held up pretty well!I now at my ideal weight of110 lbs, and I am very happy with myself.I thank Dr. Cohen and his team for changing my life."- Claudie (lost 140 lbs)"My life literally changed thanks to Dr. Cohen's program. To date, I have lost at least 84 lbs, and I was the first one to be surprised by this result! Through all this weight I've lost, I found that I was in a cycle of success, which would continue to motivate me. Some people who hadn't seen me in a long time would not recognize me."- Marie-Annick (lost 84 lbs)"Because of Dr. Cohen, I've learned how to enjoy healthy eating. My family and I now eat varied balanced meals. I lost 30 lbs by simply eating "normally". You have shown me the way! Today, I feel good about myself, and this change has been a starting point for my family!- Cyrille (lost 30 lbs)
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