Yoga 2 Fitness classes are located in Beldon, Heathridge and Joondalup, Western Australia. Classes focus on mindful movement, breath awareness and relaxation. There are Yoga and ChiBall yoga classes for adults and kids yoga classes too. You don't need to be flexible or fit, or have any yoga experience, beginners are welcome anytime.The practice of Yoga helps to improve posture, co-ordination, concentration, flexibility, strength, balance, circulation, respiration and digestion. The nature of Yoga is non competitive making this a very accessible type of exercise for all fitness levels and often a welcome option or support to competitive sports and weight loss programs. Or maybe you are recovering from an injury or illness, or have a stiff back or neck. The movements are given in stages, with plenty of options for all levels and encouragement to listen to your body, move slowly with awareness, modify if applicable, relax and enjoy, you will come out smiling and your body will thank you !Drop into a class today or we can visit your school or workplace.Download our free App to read more about us, our services and timetables. You can also make bookings or enquiries, read and leave reviews, view image galleries, send us a photo for our galleries, catch up with our latest news and events, and engage with our social media like Facebook.- Quickly contact us or get directions to us- Make bookings or enquiries- Read and leave reviews- View image galleries- Send a photo for our galleries- Catch up with our latest news and events- Engage with our social media like Facebook
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