An easy to use app to help you record and monitor the common health screening tests advocated for women.Women's Health Screening is an app specially designed for you, to help you with the common health screening tests advocated by most doctors. It helps you record and monitor these tests, and alerts you accordingly when you want them to be repeated. In short, it is a report card of your health screening. It helps you take charge of your health.Special care and dedication are taken to keep these apps simple and useful, and not too cumbersome to use.Features-This app helps you with the following common health screening tests:- Self - Breasts Examination- Pap Smear- Mammography- Blood Pressure Measurements- Blood Sugar Estimations- Fasting Serum Lipids-You can include other specific screening tests personalized for you by your doctor.-It keeps track of all these screening tests, when they are due and alerts you accordingly.-There is a special window for you to write your health notes.-This app is password protected.Women's Health Screening is a very useful app. to monitor your health. It also provides valuable information. However, it is not a substitute for professional medical advice.
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