A really useful application to keep track of all your medical appointments, which also simplifies the procedure of making new ones.Women's Health Appointments is an app specially designed to help you with your medical appointments. It keeps a tab on your appointments, when your next appointments are due and alerts you accordingly. The app also keeps other useful medical contacts as well, such as your neighborhood Pharmacists and your Medical Insurance Representative.Special care and dedication are taken to keep these apps simple and useful, and not too cumbersome to use.Features-This app helps you with the following common medical appointments:o Medical Practitioner's Appointmentso Dental Appointmentso Gynecologist's Appointments-The app also keeps the contact numbers of the following:o Pharmacyo Medical Insurance Representative-You can create your own medical appointments and personalize them for you, e.g. for Cardiologist, Dietician, Physiotherapist.-The app keeps track of all these appointments, when they are due and alerts you accordingly.-There is a special window for you to write your health and appointment notes.-This app is password protected.
Operating System Android