Low Battery Notifier for Fitbit alerts you when your tracker's battery gets low: The app periodically checks your tracker's battery level in the background (once a day), and puts an alert in your notification bar when the battery is nearly empty.Once the app has established a connection to your Fitbit-account, you can close the browser window.I'm planning to add a "Pro"-version which would let you- Define a custom check-interval (e.g. twice a day, every other day)- Customize the notification (sound, vibration)- Alert you if your Fitbit hasn't synced with its base station in a while- Let you check multiple Fitbit devices (e.g. Aria scales, different trackers)at the same timePlease let me know if you'd be interested in these features!Not produced or endorsed by Fitbit, Inc.Feature image attribution: Speech Bubble by Alessandro Rei, Battery icon by Gnome Project
Operating System Android