The healing color of orangeBy M. Ron Eslinger, RN, CRNA, APN, MA, BCH, FNCHDo not listen while driving or operating machineryDeveloped for those with pain and cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation for healing and wellness.This stress reducing and healing relaxation allows you to use biorhythmic music to entrain the heart to 60 beats a minute and an alpha tone to entrain the brain to a calm and peaceful cycle. In the color spectrum orange is considered to be the healing color. It is a combination of red the color of energy and yellow the color of optimism. During this visualization you are asked to imagine the color orange as being a warm magnetic fluid entering into your body, deep into every cell and even deeper into the atoms that make up your cells. The warm, our range magnetic liquid is pulls from the body anxiety, tension, stress, and fear. It leaves behind a relaxed calm and peaceful you. The color orange is the most often used color in imagery for cancer, chemotherapy and other life-changing medical conditions. Biorhythmic music to entrain the heart to 60 beats a minute and an alpha tone to entrain the brain to a calm and peaceful cycle is included to enhance the body's healing immune system.You can take control of your health and wellness with this stress reducing App.Evidence has shown that stress is the number one contributor to death and disease. Listening to this 10 minute stress reducing app every day will help you be healthier, happier, more relaxed, more content and calmer.Developed for those suffering from high blood pressure, anxiety, pain and stress.There is no life without breath so breathe right in order to be healthier happier and more comfortable.This scientific evidence-based breathing exercise teaches the stress reducing physiological changes that take place in a proper abdominal breath. You will learn how to use this breathing technique to activate the production of your own endorphins, melatonins and serotonins from the brain; Endorphins to reduce pain, melatonin's to enhance sleep and serotonin to elevate your mood. These hormones are also known as the pain killing and stress reducing hormones.Included is a biorhythmic, stress reducing musical background with an underlying alpha tone for relaxation and subliminal suggestions to help you feel relaxed, calm and at peace.You will be amazed at how much healthier and happier you will feel!
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