Clinical Endocrinology

This application covers all aspects of clinical Endocrinology which consists of;1-Pituitary Gland Diseases like Acromegaly,Hyperprolactinemia,Hypopituitarism in Adults,Diabetes insipidus, and Syndrome of Inappropriate ADH secretion(SIADH).2-Throid Gland Diseases like Primary Thyrotoxicosis,Myxedema and Cretinism.3-Parathyroid Gland Diseases like Hyperparathyroidism and Tetany.4-Suprarenal Gland Disorders like Conn's Syndrome, Cushing's Syndrome, Adrogenital Syndrome, Addison's Disease, Pheochromocytoma.5-Diabetes Mellitus and Hypoglycaemia.and lot of others.I hope this App will be beneficial for you all.
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