1200 Calorie Diet - Fast, Long Term Results , For safe and healthy weight loss, you need a minimum of 1200 calories daily. 1200 calories will provide you with enough nutrition and it will still allow you to loose weight because it is less than your usual calorie intake. Most nutritionists, as well as health professionals, recommend the 1200 calorie diet. All you have to do is control the intake of calories.Features of the app:Support Offline AppUpdated regularlyYou can ask questions from our expertsSharing tips and guideSimple app book guide like pocket on your phoneYou can also send us your suggestions and we will add them inside the app.Learn more about 1200 Calorie Diet:The concept is easy; less calorie intake will result in weight loss. You will need to consult with online resources and books about the calorie content of all the foods in your diet. The 1200 calorie diet does not specify foods you should have in your diet. It is advised to base your diet on vegetables and fruit. Include legumes, whole grain and lean proteins in your diet. You will have all the necessary nutrients but in small amounts. A sample diet plan would include a cup of bran cereal, one banana and a cup of skim milk for breakfast. A small apple, 2 cups of raw vegetable crudites and a tuna sandwich with whole grain bread for lunch. The mayonnaise you use has to be low fat. You are allowed to have a snack of nectarine and sparkling water with lemon. Salad, a fresh peach, 3 oz of grilled breast and steamed green beans for dinner.An evening snack after dinner should be a fruit or vegetable. You should exercise daily and make sure you stick to the diet. There aren't any high costs with this diet but you may need a calorie counting tool. Low calorie diets have been proven to give results.The 1200 calorie diet is just one of many diets. If you are serious about losing weight, what you really need is a complete guide and coach to guide you on your journey.
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