Inspiration Of Cancer Survivor Story

"Inspiration Of Cancer Survivor Story (IOCSS) is an app developed content of story that inspired for those who have cancer. Most of us have an active cancer cell in our body and. Either fast or slow the cancer spread, it depends on how we manage our life.IOCSS content the story of people who have the cancer, fight for the cancer and doing charity to cure and help the person who got the cancer. Some of them almost dead while fighting their cancer. This driven the motivation of the developer team to share their story to inspire other who may have cancer or have family suffering cancer to be more positiveFeature:*Inspiration based on true story*Motivate people*Easy to access*Easy to share all the content*Share with your family and friend*Update contentWe hope this will inspired and help you on the future. We hope we can continue to give inspiration to many people. All the content are taken from the several website and sources and the content are for the user of this app only. Do visit our app and feel free to give rating. Thank you and God bless you.
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