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Introduction to Potential ClientTravelers Health And Wellness Online Coaching will provide the following:- Customized programs tailored specifically for the clients' goals and designed by experts in Exercise Science.- Nutritional guidance and support including the ability to have nutritional intake monitored by a professional.- Continuing program modification based on how the client is responding, the dedication of the client, and changing lifestyle demands.- The ability to be in contact with an Exercise Science expert regarding your program and questions.- The ability to access videos to supplement your training.- Personal motivation and someone always on your side to give you the tools to succeed.- Educational resources to ensure continual growth and the ability to be better equipped to succeed than 90% of the traditional personal training population.Goals that can be successfully achieved with Travelers Health And Wellness online personal coaching.1. Fat Loss- Lose Inches- Develop a More "Toned" Look- Lose Inches- Develop a Healthier Nutritional Lifestyle2. Muscle Gain- Increase Muscle Size and Strength- Improve Stability in Your Joints- Burn Fat3. Prevention Fitness- Decrease Joint Aches and Pains- Delay or Prevent Potential Surgery- Positively Impact Diseases such as Hypertension, Pre-Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and Many Others4. Athletic Performance- Improve Sports Performance- Prevent and Eliminate Training Injuries- Sports Nutrition Counseling to Maximally Support Sports PerformanceAsk about our Packages available for purchase.
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