Heart Rate Monitor - Blood Pressure App

By placing your finger on the camera of your phone, the app monitors color changes that are related to your pulse and delivers highly accurate heart rate data!Now you have a surefire way to keep tabs on your heart rate in the palm of your hand!Whether at the gym, on a run, or just after a casual tennis match, this meter will provide you with reliable data.With this app you can:- Check your heart rate.- Check a real time PPG graph which shows your every heartbeat.- Monitor your cardio workouts in real time!Compare your heart rate after any workout with our "Heart rate zones" table. Check whether your pulse falls into one of 5 categories, and check which heart rate zones are optimal for your goals.You can also view your measurement and result on a Android Wear device. (Smartwatch)DISCLAIMER: This app is not a piece of professional medical equipment, and while its readings are very accurate, the program is not intended for professional medical use. By downloading this app, you acknowledge that the app is to be used in a casual way to approximate your heart rate during exercise and not as a replacement for professional medical equipment. When seeking expert medical advice, consult your doctor or personal physician.
Operating System Android