Fitness - Gym and Home Workout,my Exercise Journal

It's a personal Fitness trainer for home & gym workouts, designed to help you lose weight, get fit, have toned legs, sharp press, and shapely butt as well as perform your routine correct and effective with joy!Build muscle, lose weight and get toned with Fitness!- Can be used anywhere: at home, the gym, other types of workouts- Routines created by top professional trainers- Clear instructions with videos and GIFs for all exercises- Full workout and body metrics trackingDon't spend all of your hard earned money on personal training sessions when you can do them on your own!With access to a variety of world-class workouts directly on your phone, you will be able to perform high quality routines in the comfort of your own home. Fitness gives you the ability to effortlessly create and monitor your workouts so that you can remain focused and committed to achieving your fitness goals. This app will truly transform the way you train.Multiple options:- Pre-developed routines created by top professionals- Diverse range of exercises specialized for men and women- Beginner, Intermediate and Expert workouts- Supports superset, power and interval workouts- Workouts that suit your goals (weight loss, muscle gain, perfect butt and more!)- Create and customize your own personal planMonitor your progress:- Workout history shows which exercises were the most effective- Reports give you the ability to optimize your routines- Simple and comprehensive interface provides less distraction while performing exercises- Quick access to exercise descriptions and videos/ GIFsPower training:- Weight and number of reps are recorded for each individual exercise- Quick data entry- Statistics of athletes along with your own are provided to track your improvementInterval training:- Audio and videos for exercises you are performing- 30 second intervals with a 10 second rest period- Can be customized to fit your needsTrain safely:- Clear descriptions and videos/ GIFs show you how to properly perform each exercise- Gives examples of common mistakes people make when performing an exercise- Prevents you from sustaining injuries during workout sessionsCreated on 1C platform
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