AURA - Healthy Lifestyle

About AURA: "LET THE WORLD BE UNITED FOR SELF-LOVE AND LEND HANDS TO OTHERS AS A LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER ""Health Benefits of Socializing"this is a common say you should have come across, we think in other way around "Socializing for Health Benefits" That's AURA.Health, fitness, Lifestyle, Beauty and other related causes are need of the hour. Here we enable a channel for all that under one roof across India at this moment. Connect with Doctors, Consultants (for fitness, beauticians, Dieticians and others) and people, for your health and its sake. This is a "Pay As You Go" model, when we enable business services you will have to be paying online for your consulting and proceedings.Aura -V1: Enables 1.Circulating blood demands via app and other social network pages, 2.Stem cell - Preserving and creating awareness on the same 3.Share your feedback on any hospitals from your personal experience. Let the world knows good, better and best.LET'S GET STARTED.
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