If we were able to harness mindfulness and meditation from an early age, what would the world look like? Here's why we need to have our children adopt a regular meditation for kids practice, and how instead of painstaking practices like detention, being in the present moment through meditation achieves more value for our kids (and us) in the long run.Do you currently enjoy the benefits of meditation and wish you had started earlier in life, say, as a kid? Do you have a child or teenager that is overly stressed from the increasingly hectic demands of modern-day society?Is your child having trouble focusing on his/her schoolwork? Or having self-esteem issues? As kids, we've all been there. And as parents, guardians, or teachers, we can address common issues faced by simply introducing them to meditation for kids.The mind of the child is constantly observing, questioning, discovering and building assumptions.Meditation for kids can help tune into this process and assist them with learning emotional regulation and achieving cognitive growth.Included In This App:- Science Shows Meditation Benefits On Children's Brains And Behavior.- 4 Ways to Start Kids Meditating.- 15 Tips for Teaching Mindfulness to Kids and Teenagers.- Fun Ways To Teach Your Kids Mindfulness.- Simple But Effective Tips To Help Your Child Meditate.- 5 Easy Breathing Techniques To Calm Your Kid (And Relax The Whole Family).- Scripts To Help Children Cope With Anxiety & Stress.--And More.Children naturally exercise mindfulness -- a key component of meditation -- because they have less mental barriers, biases, and pre-determined beliefs that allows them to experience a pure state of mindfulness.It may seem odd to think of children as calm, nonjudgmental, and mindful, but ultimately, children can achieve mindfulness and thereby practice meditation more easily than adults can.So it's safe to say that incorporating meditation into a child's learning process is easier than we think!
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