Monday gives you access to a community of health experts within nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle coaching, that will help you reach your goal.Your health and happiness are determined by proper nutrition, daily activity and inspiration. All of our experts have created lifestyle plans that you can follow through an easy to use daily companion mobile app.Whether it is weight loss, stress reduction, boosted energy or just to live healthier, our customized plans will help you reach your goal and transform your life.Each plan consists of:- personalized meal plan with daily healthy and easy to prepare recipes- calorie counter and nutritional values for each meal- easy to generate grocery list to save time and money- activity plan with fun and efficient trainings- daily inspiration and education from you coach to keep you motivated- overview and filter functions to easily customize plan according to your preferences- lifestyle journal to keep track and monitor all of your daily activities, everything from eating to hydration and sleepAll of this and more in one place, Your Mobile Health Coach Monday.How to get started with Monday:1. Decide what you want to accomplish2. Choose a coach that can help you achieve your goal3. Input your data to customize your plan4. Follow the plan of your coach
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