Medweb LIVE is designed to transform the way that physicians collaborate. Medweb LIVE is a mobile, secure, integrated, virtual health communications and collaboration application that provide healthcare providers:- Secure audio and video teleconferencing. Medweb LIVE provides the ¬ability to conduct interactive video or audio consults across a variety of form factors including laptops, tablets, and Apple iOS and Android phones. Medweb LIVE enables a full-spectrum of telemedicine services to be provided - from provider-to-provider teleconsultation and clinical collaboration to direct-to-patient virtual visits- Standards-based imagery sharing so physicians can securely and conveniently share a DICOM viewer, annotate and manipulate diagnostic images for clinical collaboration or training- Standards-based electronic health record integration. Medweb LIVE users can upload the consult including patient demographics and case information to any EMR. This is a hybrid model, combining both live and store-and-forward telemedicine - facilitating secure medical collaboration in the most demanding and austere environmentsAPPLICATIONS:- Specialty consultation- Clinical collaboration- On-call telemedicine- Prehospital telemedicine- Tele-mentoring and education
Operating System Android