Myasthenia gravis test

The test was created based on scientific research.Test gives three types of results:1) Negative - indicating healthy individuals, with a specificity of 93.33%2) Uncertain (mild fatique) - the sensitivity and specificity of the test does not allow a clear separation of the diseased from the healthy individuals.3) Positive - indicating myasthenia patients with a specificity of 100%The study comprised 15 myasthenia patients and 15 healthy individuals (the control group). Based on data collected from an accelerometer a statistical analysis was conducted. The field of the ROC curve for the test, with the division of the sample into groups of healthy and diseased individuals, was 0.844, which can be considered accurate.Myasthenia is a disease which leads to a defect in the transmission of nerve impulses from nerve endings to the muscles. Its characteristic features include fatigability; this symptom subsides after resting and becomes aggravated on exertion.Therefore it is important to carry out the test at the moment of the greatest intensity of fatigue!It is also important to perform the test properly. Read the instructions carefully.However, the test results should be treated with caution, due to their preliminary nature. The algorithm requires further improvement.
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