Medtep Hemophilia helps patients with Hemophilia A, B or von Willebrand disease, taking the next step towards an improved quality of life.Your daily routine becomes easier with an event diary about your pathology and treatment.What you can do with Medtep Hemophilia:Manage your infusionsPlan, confirm or cancel your infusions and relevant information such as number of vials and dosage at the diary.Everything is kept listed at your event log for self-tracking or sharing with your Healthcare Professionals.Register bleeding episodesNot only you can register your bleeds, their reason and location, but you can also indicate how you have treated them.Track physical activity and other appointments through remindersYou will be able to plan and track other important events in your calendar, gathering all your health related information in one place.Connect with your Healthcare ProfessionalsShare the information you want with your Healthcare Professionals to help them adapt their follow-up to your needs.Medtep Hemophilia is a Medtep Inc. productFor more information on security content of this application, please visit: aspects may require internet access.
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