PerSim is the very first patient simulator designed specifically for the pre-hospital professional. Previously, "high-fidelity" simulation training has been the province of expensive, bulky and unrealistic mechanical mannequin simulators which are often confined to "sim centers". The PerSim is an affordable, portable and highly realistic patient simulator that can be used nearly anywhere -- in a store, on an ambulance, in a plane or on the side of the road -- allowing pre-hospital providers the ability to train where they work. PerSim is our interactive patient that can only be seen through a Microsoft Hololens and can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft store: PerSim Monitor is a realistic vitals monitor defibrillator for PerSim. Features include a variety of heart wave forms, including afib, vfib, asystole, atrial flutter, Mobitz 1 an 2, and many more. PerSim Monitor also has common defibrillation functions such as AED, manual defibrillation, and sync.Note: The PerSim Monitor requires both PerSim Controller to interactively change the wave forms on the Monitor. The The PerSim Controller can be downloaded from Google Play here:
Operating System Android