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I Have never met a health professional who is not curious about the diagnosis.While for making a diagnosis a focused and thorough history is key. Each question carries its own importance in ruling in or ruling out a particular diagnosis. This is where our app will certainly come in handy.How MedSHED-Symptoms History Examination & Diagnosis-DDx can help youGet instant history points relevant to signs and symptoms.What could be the differentials?How can focused physical examination help out?How can the previous history change the diagnosis?No permission required by MedSHED-Symptoms History Examination & Diagnosis-DDx. (Does Not ask for any of your data)Nothing is perfect.we are continuously working on it to make it better and better.Your feedback helps us to improve MedSHED-Symptoms History Examination & Diagnosis-DDx.We will be happy to listen to youJust send us an email to medwise24seven@gmail.comIf you think you have an excellent history taking skills then we welcome you on board. Contact us.DisclaimerMedSHED-Symptoms History Examination & Diagnosis-DDx application is intended only for educational purposes and should not be considered equivalent to medical advice.Med Wise Team will not responsible for any harm done or any incorrect decision been taken from the use of this application.Although, every effort has been made to make the MedSHED-Symptoms History Examination & Diagnosis-DDx error free. Thou hundred percent accuracy cannot be guaranteed.
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