Health Monitoring Online - Health Care Online

The mobile App has been developed by a private medical company in co-operation with medical specialists. It promotes patient self-care, provides home monitoring, empowers practitioners and patients, detects behaviour that is likely to lead to poor health, enables data analytics based on data gathered by users and encourages positive lifestyle changes.The App enables the user to measure their various health parameters at home (such as blood pressure, blood sugar lever or weight) using their mobile phone and simple to use, cheap devices that are synchronised with the App.Results and other health data are stored on the user's mobile and can be shared with doctors, family members or others at the user's choice. The App enables users to get quick and well informed advice (based on the collected and shared data) from doctors or other medical professionals.The App itself is able to track and analyse the data collected on it by users to provide recommendations on how to introduce or improve healthy lifestyle. The App enables users to track their physical activity by step count and calories count. It can produce a health score based on all data stored on it and provides day to day recommendations on how to improve fitness and diet to leave happy and healthy life and/or to manage chronic illness and other conditions.The App can be a life saver in emergencies as vital medical information can be stored on user's mobile and can be easily accessible 24/7 in the event of a road accident, loss of consciousness, a black out or allergic reaction.The App's benefits are:Health monitoring onlineEasy access to records for users and practitionersQuick tests resultsQuick specialist's advicePerformance scores and recommendationsTime effectiveCost savingBetter quality of servicesIncreased privacy
Operating System Android