Neurology Interpreter Spanish

"It is like having a personal interpreter on call 24/7 in your pocket!""You will connect so much better with your patients!"This app is a new tool for MD, PA, NP to communicate with a Spanish speaking patient who has or may potentially have a neurological problem.This app has more than 600 specific and guided neurological questions or sentences, that the patient can read and listen in Spanish, to achieve a correct diagnose and examination. Almost all the questions are formulated in a simple Yes or No answer type.It also has a large set of General questions including Administrative, Greetings, Main Complaint, Medical Past History, Family Medical History and Emotional State, extremely valuable in all medical fields.You can use this app even if you can't speak a single Spanish word. However, if you want to improve your Spanish, this app has a great teaching function by customizing your favorite list, using the bookmarks section, and then playing it on your way to work.Neurology Interpreter app is written by physicians.
Operating System Android