Guided Meditation for Happiness and Relaxation

How to meditate ?We all heard about meditation benefits and quotes but most of us don't know how to practise it. So this app will help you to learn the first stage or class of meditation, which is Breathing Meditation that's helps you to :* Relax* Find inner peace* Relieve stress* Get rid of depression* Reach the mindfulness* Transforming and enjoying your life more.* Deep Sleep* Gratitude* Calm Kids* Loving-Kindness* Enjoy being a humainbeing* Achieve success* Get on track* Enjoy nature* Forgiveness* Calming anxiety* Self-Esteem* Be creative* Have fun* enjoy the sounds of nature* Self Hypnosis* Positive mind* strengthening and increase memory* Spiritually freedom* ResilienceMeditation is an essential daily routine used by the most successful people which help them improve their life and their business, this app provide you the basic, fundamental, technique of meditation used in every meditation class starting from Lamrim, loving kindness meditation to Buddha meditation (Buddhist path)This new Meditaion app that you can keep near you present a life transforming technique extracted from books and experiences of the best meditations and yoga masters. all you have to do is to set your meditation timer and some calm music or sounds and start meditating in your home or workplace or anywhere.This app is free, offline, inspiring, powerfull and more to download to help you stay disciplined everyday to this first step to mindfullness, zen, yoga, mind-hacking and more.This Guided Meditation is also for Detachment From Over-Thinking, Anxiety, OCD and DepressionThe meditation in this app works perfecty for beginners, self-healing, lower blood pressure, relieve pain, finding balace,empathy, with music tracks, Spa, Zen Backgrounds, calm nature sounds, binaual beats, sleep waves, chimes, chants, bells, curated meditation, dailly relaxing and more.
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