Medical Calculator

The app is a handy free tool for anyone who works in health care.This medical app contains the most common used medical (conversion) calculations. It also includes calculators to give you either mL/hr or dose/hr.The following nursing calculations can be done through this app:- IV drop rate : Calculate the IV flow rate- Liquids : Determining IV fluid rates for patients- Oxygen Administration : determining the oxidative needs of the patient- Dilution of solutions : To dilute a solution means to add more solvent without the addition of more solute- Unit Conversion Calculator: Conversion of Weight From Pound to Kg- International Units- PercentagesThe calculations are briefly explained with reference to formulas and / or tips.Quick disclaimer for use of the app:Use this app purely as a control agent, SR media is not responsible for any errors made by (the use of) this app.This app is ad-supported. Icon made by Freepik from
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License Free
Version 2.1.0
Operating System Android
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