Binaural Beats Meditation Brain Waves Sleep, Relax

Binaural Beats!! An age old practice proved today to be an actual science is as fascinating as magic when it comes to Meditation through Brain Waves. We present you Binaural Beats Meditation Brain Waves Sleep, Relax app designed to deliver this gift of meditation, sleep sounds and stress relief with the utmost convenience. Many other brain wave generators but we promise that Binaural Beats Meditation Brain Waves Sleep, Relax app will be the most to the point application for meditation, deep sleep, stress relief, healing and sleep sounds.Binaural beats basically are natural frequencies that if tuned correctly can create high impact brain waves that assist in meditation, relaxation, healing, deep sleep, stress relief and mind therapy. Our app is designed in a way to render convenience to play the binaural beat related to the desired brain waves and take the meditation, deep sleep, stress relief or relaxation experience to the next level. With binaural beats we can tune the natural frequency matching that of our brain waves and experience a substantial increase in brain power, deep sleep and stress relief through relaxing sleep sounds.In our app Binaural Beats Meditation Brain Waves Sleep, Relax we have included the following areas on the human being as a whole,- Brain- Body- Sleep- SpiritKeeping today's competitive professional in mind we have carefully curated three Binaural Beats to entertain the brain waves for Learning, Intelligence and Creativity. These binaural beats have been adjusted to be in coherence with the brain waves and create an environment of increased mindfulness. These brain waves are perfect for workplace environments as they are subtle and don't create any distractions while rendering maximum mindfulness through relaxing sounds and binaural beats.For the physical health we have sampled the binaural beats of Healing, Addiction and Energy. We today are in dire need of stress relief and mostly drugs are sought after to seek stress relief; the brain waves created through these binaural beats not only enable stress relief but also support habit change while energizing the body. So for a 360 rejuvenation of the physical self this age old science of binaural beats and brain waves is effective through sleep sounds and meditation.Meditation that has become a buzz word today; finally it has been realized as a necessity for the relaxation of today's humans. Deep Sleep is one form of meditation that all of us do but with different effectiveness; in this app we have created some sleep sounds presets that induce Deep Sleep, Lucid Dream and Meditation with more mindfulness through binaural beats. Sleep sounds created through binaural beats connect to us at a subliminal level; these sleep sounds not only relax us but also make deep sleep an experience of meditation.Lastly Binaural Beats Meditation Brain Waves Sleep, Relax app features a collection of binaural beats for entertaining the Spirit; the brain waves selected are Relaxation, Euphoria and Nirvana. The meditation through these binaural beats take the user on a trip which is simultaneously inward and beyond till the astral planes. These meditation are powerful and unique and the binaural beats create soothing sleep sounds.Note: Use Head Phones for optimal performance and mind the volume.We look forward to your experiences using Binaural Beats Meditation Brain Waves Sleep, Relax app and hope to see you all on the other side.
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Version 1.8
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