Attention Shifting - Personal Development Hypnosis

Install now! Free trial instantly available + a 1 month free offer! Heal Your Past. Manage The Present. Design Your Future. Experience some of the most transformational personal development audios based in the NLP, brainwave frequencies, hypnosis, self help, guided imagery, visualization and meditation techniques that work. Be confident, happy, and peaceful while managing anxiety and stress. Exceed your goals, create success and experience achievements. Find motivation, think positively, make wise choices and live a rewarding life.This app includes access to over 170 audio programs with new content being added each month. One monthly subscription allows you full access to a comprehensive personal development library.As of April 2018, this app currently contains the following categories:1. Free - 14 full length 20-40 minute audios addressing topics like procrastination, daily meditation, overviews of hypnosis and NLP, mind-body awareness, meditation music and much more.2. Share to Unlock - 3 unique full-length audio programs added every month that do not require an active membership. Simply share the app to unlock this category content for 30 days. This is a win-win way to help us grow our audience and help others in their personal development.3. Attention Shifting - 65 original programs that address study habits, anger management, confidence, courage, sleep, determination, forgiveness, visualization techniques, managing social anxiety, healing the inner child, re-imprinting, managing PTSD, stress management, and much more.4. Brainwave Music - 27 binaural, bi-lateral music programs addressing a broad range of frequencies targeting scientific-proven and qualitative physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states.5. Empowered Muse - 13 audios addressing a unique personal development process specifically intended for women.6. Health - 4 audios addressing a range of health challenges and opportunities that have psycho-somatic (mind-body) roots.7. Hypnosis Training - 3 audios that teach direct and indirect hypnosis theory and techniques.8. Involution Weight Management - 22 audios that address weight loss and weight management from a hypnosis and NLP perspective.9. Managing Fear and Anxiety - 2 audios and a training website that specifically focus upon ways to overcome the fight, flight and freeze response from a hypnosis and NLP perspective.10. Men Living with Meaning - 9 audios addressing a unique personal development process specifically intended for men.11. NLP Training - 3 audios that teach Neuro-Linguistic Programming theory and techniques.12. Personal Development - 3 audios that outline a comprehensive personal development planning and execution approach.13. Relationships - 4 audios that address ways to begin, improve and end intimate relationships.14. Spirituality - 4 audios that address different spiritual practices.15. Trauma Recovery - 9 audios that address ways to manage and heal from post-traumatic stress16. Wealth - 3 audios that focus upon the mental game, beliefs and mindset required for entrepreneurshipLanguage and words structure what we perceive to be reality. Through the filter of your paradigm (your personal experiences, education, culture, language, and belief system) you assign meaning(s) to every experience and these become unconscious patterns that alter your perceptions of the underlying causes of your life experiences and your identity. Change the words you use consciously and subconsciously, and you change your life...-Important Notice-All existing customers of any of the apps created by Michael J. Emery / Attention Shifting can request their previously purchased audio programs from inside the app.
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