Zonein - Athlete Health

"ZoneIn is the most comprehensive platform for athletes to be best prepared for what's next"-Antonio Freeman, Super Bowl Champion, First team All-Pro for the Green Bay Packers ZoneIn is the complete mobile platform, developed with athletes and experts from the Olympics, NBA, NFL and MLS that meets the healthcare performance needs of all athletes. It is the first smart platform to give the moment by moment coaching based on an athlete's body and immediate needs. We are built around three verticals that every athlete has to focus on in order to reach peak performance-nutrition, injury management, and mental performance and wellness. ZoneIn provides access to individualized tools that have until now been out of reach for the everyday athlete.Pocket Nutritionist: *Based on an athlete's biometrics, our proprietary algorithm provides key nutrient recommendations and calculated meals based on exactly what users should eat and drink at any point in the day to maximize their performance and recovery based on specific exercise types*The 'Smart Nutritionist" additionally develops customized daily meal plans across a range of competitive scenarios to help athletes plan their nutrient intake for energy and recovery optimization, based on their body makeup and exercise needsInjury Management:*Our 'Smart Insights Tool' identifies the body part(s) that a user is most likely to experience injury, detects the body's needs in the moment and generates customized exercise programs to stabilize the respective body region and prevent these injuries.*A range of Olympian developed stability and functional mobility programs comprised of mobility, stability and flexibility exercises are available based on the athlete's goals, focusing on the key body regions that dictate athletic performance.Mental Performance Coaching*~100 evidence-based sports psychology sessions focusing, on key sports psychology and mindfulness principles.
License Free
Version 1.0.3
Operating System Android