Cardio-Pulmonary Sound

This application is purposely done for medical student, Doctors, Nurses and other health care provider. You can able to listen while offline on Normal and pathological lung and heart sound associated with pathological manifestation. Heart sound include:Normal heart soundNormal breath soundGrunting soundBronchial soundBroncho vesicular soundwheezing sound( Asthmatic patient)Crackles soundsquawkabnormal tracheal soundVesicular breathingwheezing over tracheaAortic stenosisAortic septal defectAortic insufficiencyHeart murmurEarly systolic murmurLate Systolic murmurMitral stenosismitral valve stenosisPatent ductus arteriosusCoarctation of the aortapulmonary stenosisEpstein anomalymitral regurgitation. and many more.
License Free
Version 1.0.2
Operating System Android