WeHelp! - Personal security

Have you ever been in a dangerous situation where calling 911 is just not possible?WeHelp! is a personal security app that lets you send an alert to our 24/7 attention center by just pressing a button. Our team is in constant communication with security forces throughout the Mexican Republic. Get immediate help anytime and anywhere with WeHelp! personal security app.WeHelp! Features:* 24/7 Monitoring Team: WeHelp! has a team of operators available 24/7. They are responsible for receiving, reviewing and contacting the authorities whenever an alert is received. The WeHelp! team will coordinate the help to your exact location. All of our operators are trained in emergency management to keep you safe at all times.* Real-time geolocation: WeHelp! offers a geolocation system that keeps our team of operators aware of your exact location in case you report an emergency through the app, even if you're on the move.* Real-time Communication: WeHelp! keeps you in touch with our operators all the time. All emergencies are different, that's why we implemented different communication channels (chat, voice notes, photos and videos) so that you can share more information about your emergency and we can provide a better response.* Emergency contacts: Add your trusted contacts to WeHelp! and we'll send them an SMS with your location as soon as you send an alert.* WeBand!: WeBand! is our SmartWatch, which connects directly to the WeHelp! App, allowing you to send an alert without ever having to take your phone out.* WeHelp Free Plan: With our FREE version, you can send an alert every time you are in an emergency and your emergency contacts will be notified right away via SMS.*WeHelp PREMIUM: Take your security to another level and have access to all of WeHelp's security options. When you send an alert our attention center will receive your alert and send the help you need to your exact location. Get WeHelp! Premium for just $7.99/mo and be safe wherever you go.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.13-production
Operating System Android
System Requirements None